Aguinid water falls: A multi-tiered Waterfalls in Samboan, Cebu


Samboan’s Aguinid Falls may not be as tall and as deep as the famous tumalog falls and kawasan falls and even with other “not so famous” falls in the neigboring municipalities, Aguinid Falls offers a bit different experience for your chasing water falls adventure in Cebu.

Aguinid waterfalls is located in barangay tangbo, samboan, approximately 150 kilometers away from Cebu City. From Cebu City, it would usually take you at least 3 hours to drive to Samboan if you’ll depart from the city within 8AM until probably 6PM but if you’ll leave early, as early as 4AM or 5AM, then you can be at the place in just 2 hours or 2 and a half hours tops -well of course, depends on how fast you’ll drive.

What makes Aguinid Falls different…? Aguinid falls is a six-tiered waterfalls and each tier offers uniqueness and amusement to visitors. On top of that, if offers a different level of experience for chasing waterfalls. It’s not like the usual setup for waterfalls where the visitors will just go to the cath basin of the falls and swim there. You’ll have to walk, climb, crawl, jump and of course swim –getting the feeling of canyoneering or canyoning experience in Alegria, Cebu.

The journey to Aguinid waterfalls

From the parking area, we walked for just few meters then stop by at a small store to buy some waterproof bags/pouches for our wallets and phones. For security purposes, we suggest you would do the same so you can just bring your phone to the falls. Smaller bags costs Php100 and a bit bigger is Php300. I didn’t bother asking for the price of wet suits though. We continued walking until the registration booth and after you’ll pay, they’ll give you a tour guide. This guides are volunteers and not being paid for thier service by the government or their organization (if there is any) so we urge you to give a small amount for their service. Then follows orientation and briefing for about 2 minutes tops. The orientation will be just somehow setting your expectations of the place and of course the do’s and don’ts.

Level 0:

Level 0 is just a very small and multi-tiered falls. The one at our front is just 1 meter in heigt and the one at our backs is even smaller. Swimming at it basin is not recommended in fact prohibited as it is muddy.

Level 1:

Level 1 has also multi-tiers –at least 4 tiers. The catch basin of on the second tier is approximately 2 and a half feet in depth and is recommended for childrens swimming.

Level 2:

Level 2 requires climb and even crawl on the very fascinating rock formation with flowing waters.By the looks of the rock formation, it would seem that climb would be difficult as the rocks seemed slippery but … its not. Also, the local made a whole on the rocks so it would be easier for the visitors to climb. One of the locals mentioned that there are times they’ll use ropes as well so the climbers can have something to grab on or hold on to and on our way back, we have witnessed a group of visitors using ropes on this level.

Level 3:

Yet another mystical rock formation with flowing waters making it seem like a water curtain. In here, you can’t resist to try the so called ‘water massage’. By looking at it, it would seem impossible to climb to the next levels. But … at back of the formation, there is a small opening there where you can climb.

Level 4:

Now is the time to get the feel of adrenaline rushing through your viens as you’ll be jumping off the cliff. Memories recalled on our previous canyoneering / canyoning adventure. Oooppss… just a bit though. The catch basin is just around 6 feet deep and the cliff is just about 7 or 8 feet above water level.

Level 5:

The last and final level. In here, you can climb, jump or crawl down on the most beautiful and astonishing rock formation in all levels (at least for me).

Please check our video for the Aguinid Falls Adventure.




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