Cebu and Bohol Travel Tips: 5 days and 4 nights Travel guide – How to spend 2 days and 2 night in Bohol and 3 days and 2 nights in Cebu


Here I assumed that as early as 3AM or 4AM tops, you are already here in Cebu City as our starting point.


Day 1: Oslob Tours – Whale Shark Watching, Tumalog Falls, Sumilon Island Sandbar and Sanctuary
As for our tour of the very first day, we’ll have our cebu island tours drivers pick us up at 3AM from the hotel or perhaps from the airport. Our day 1 destinations will be Oslob tour which will include whale watching or snorkeling with whales sharks in oslob, tumalog falls in Oslob, sumilon island sanctuary and sumilon sandbar and oslob baluarte. Traveling from Cebu City to Oslob will take approximately 2 and a half hours and our first activity for the day will be whale watching and it will start as early as 6AM.

Whale watching and snorkeling with the whalesharks will only take about 1 hour tops which will include around 15 minutes of briefing and registration and 30 minutes of actual swimming with the whale sharks. The remaining minutes will be consumed traveling from the coastline to the whale watching site and from the site back to the coastline. From here, our pre-arranged boat ride will pick us up from the whale watching venue to Sumilon Island sanctuary for another snorkeling adventure then to sumilon sandbar. After 2 – 3 hours of stay in sumilon island, we’ll proceed to Oslob Baluarte and Oslob Church. After taking few pictures of that historical place and soon as you are ready, we’ll proceed to Tumalog falls. Most of our guests will only stay at Tumalog falls for just an hour or 2 at the most. The reason is probably because they have enough swim for the day or could be that they’re tired already. After all those swims from different venues, we’ll probably have one more swim at the lighthouse resort; this time it will be during the night at their pool. You can even stay at their white sand beach; have a bonfire and probably a bottle of beer…?



Day 2: Downstream Canyoneering in Alegria down Badian ending with swimming and bamboo rafting at Kawasan Falls

As for our second day, we’ll have the most adrenaline pumping and breathe taking activity in southwestern part of Cebu, the canyoneering at Kanlaob/Matutinao River in Alegria, Cebu. So the itinerary for the day will be canyoneering or canyoning at Alegria, Cebu then swimming at the cold and clear bluish waters of Kawasan Falls then relax by soaking your whole body at the 40 degrees hot springs in Malabuyoc. To get more info on Canyoneering please read our previous post here. If we can depart at the lighthouse resort as early as 5AM and can start canyoneering at around 6:30AM, we can finish this tour at around 3PM. One of the advantages of getting at the canyoning site early is the feel that the site is exclusively just for your group –less crowd. You won’t have to get in line to wait for others to take their jumps. At the end of the tour, we’ll head back to the lighthouse resort and spend another night there though some other guests prefer to stay at the city to explore more on the night life of the city and some prefers to stay at resorts in Moalboal.


Day 3: Mactan Island Hopping
In our third day, we have three options for this day tour. For those who stayed at the city on the previous night, they’ll usually go for twin city tour or island hopping at nalusuan, hilutungan and Caohagan islands just in front of Mactan Island and cordova, cebu. For those who prefers to continue staying at the lighthouse resort or perhaps any resorts at the southern or southwestern part of Cebu, they’ll go for island hopping in Moalboal to experience snorkeling in pescador island, sea turtle watching and sardines fish watching.Whichever venue and activity you’ll choose for that day, we still have to finish those early and be at the sea port (pier 1) for our Bohol trip. You can either go for the 4:20PM trip or the 6:35PM trip. Once you’re in Bohol, our partners will pick you up at the sea port of Bohol and drop you off to any resort or hotel where you’ll be staying for 2 nights.


Day 4: Bohol Island Hopping
Our day 4 tour will be island hopping to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. Our driver will pick you up at around 6AM or depends on your preferred time but we always recommend starting as early as possible so we can include dolphin watching and more snorkeling venues in Balicasag island. There are at least 3 snorkeling areas in Balicasag Island and it will be better to experience snorkeling at all three (3) venues.



Day 5: Bohol Country Side Tours
Our day 5 tour will not require any swimming. Target destinations will be Blood Compact shrine, Baclayon Church, Bohol’s Biggest phyton, Loboc River Cruise then we’ll have our buffet lunch while cruising the river, then man-made forest, the most famous chocolate hills, tarsier watching, butterfly garden and end the tour in EcoTourism Adventure Park with a ride at their zip line or cable car.


Day 1: Oslob Tour (Whale shark watching + sumilon island sandbar + sumilon island sanctuary + tumalog falls)
Day 2: Canyoneering in Alegria-Badian + Kawasan Falls + Lambug white sand beach in Badian
Day 3: Moalboal island hopping (Pescador island + sardines run + sea turtle watching)
Day 4: Bohol Country side tours
Day 5: Bohol Island Hopping (Balicasag island and virgin island)

1 pax @ Php 32650 / head
2 pax @ Php 18750 / head
3 pax @ Php 14800 / head
4 pax @ Php 12900 / head
5 pax @ Php 11300 / head
6 pax @ Php 10650 / head
7 pax @ Php 10200 / head
8 pax @ Php 9600 / head
9 pax @ Php 9100 / head
10 pax @ Php 8650 / head
11 pax @ Php 8350 / head
12 pax @ Php 8100 / head
13 pax @ Php 7900 / head
14 pax @ Php 7700 / head

Please note meals and accommodations are not included in the price above. All venue entrance fees and transportation are already included.

(updated as of Jul 22, 2016)


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