Cebu Island Tours Chasing Water Falls at Aguinid Falls, Inambakan falls, Kawasan Falls, Mainit Hot Spring and Falls and Mantayupan Falls


Here we go again… Our Cebu Island Tours team has been planning to try for themselves a day tour for whale watching and a couple of water falls. The idea came out after several inquiries of guests and tourists who wants to try or visit as many places as possible somewhere in southern and southwestern part of Cebu Province. It is probably one of the better ways, if not the best way, to save for a day tour trip. Our original plan was to drop by first at the whale watching venue and have 2 of our team-mates try the adventures of swimming with the whales but as we started driving going to the south, we’ve decided to just go directly to Aguinid Falls in barangay tangbo, Samboan.


The multi-tiered Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu, Philippines


We left at around 3:40AM then stop by at a seven eleven store in front of the south bus terminal to grab some snacks and drinks. We have decided to stop by again at the drop off area for canyoneering/canyoning in Alegria to grab light breakfast at around 7:30AM. Right after breakfast, we departed for samboan and we arrive at around 8:15AM at the site and went directly to the registration area after parking our vehicle. The parking area is just approximately 10 – 20 meters away from the registration booth. It is now time to walk, climb, jump and crawl on the rock formations going to the main waterfalls or they call it level 5. For those who have tried canyoneering or canyoning in Alegria, Cebu and going to kawasan falls, well, it is not as adventurous as what you have experienced but you’ll still get the feeling. Since we have few more water falls to visit after aguinid falls, we’ll have to finish it in just an hour and a half so we can proceed to the next water falls. Click here to read more about our Aguinid Falls Adventure:


Inambakan Falls in Guinatilan, Cebu, Philippines


Next destination is Inambakan water falls in Guinatilan. Guinatilan town is just less than 15 minutes’ drive from Aguinid Falls area but inambakan falls is 3.9Km away from Guinatilan town proper. The road going to the parking area of inambakan falls is a bit narrow for a four-wheeled vehicle and there are lots of blind curves as well. From the town proper, it took us approximately 15 minutes as we are not familiar with the road yet. From the parking area, we still have to walk for around 10 minutes to get to the falls. It is really worth it though as the falls is too beautiful and the surrounding area is almost untouched yet. When you are at the place, please just be very careful as the stones and even the muds are too slippery.




It was already around 11:50AM when we got back to the parking area or drop off area for inambakan falls. So immediately after that, we went back to Ginatilan town proper and look for carenderia for our lunch.

The third and fourth destination was supposedly Mainit hot Springs and Kawasan Falls but since we have already been there, we decided to just skip to the last destination which was Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu.


Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu, Philippines

From Guinatilan town proper, it took us around one (1) hour and a half to get to Barili town proper. From the town proper, it will take another 8 – 10 minute drive to get to the location of mantayupan falls. Right after we park our ride, we proceeded to the registration booth to pay for the fees then took probably 5 minutes of walk through their bridge and stair ways going to the falls.



There you go… the 94-meter Mantayupan water falls!!! Only two (2) team-mates decided to swim here. We just stayed here for less than an hour then grab some drinks at the registration booth before leaving the place. We were actually expecting heavy traffic somewhere in Carcar and Minglanilla that is why we left early. Well, we were wrong about the traffic and we arrive safe and sound at the city around 6PM. We are planning to go back here in Mantayupan falls and next time, we will probably be bringing my parents and my 3 years old daughter.


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