Cebu Tour: Canyoneering Adventures in Kanlaob River in Alegria downstream to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu


We had an early preparation for the Canyoneering Adventure the next day. We packed our things a night before the said activity. As for myself, I was not able to sleep well thinking what to do when we arrive the site. Until I came up with a solid decision not to join the activity and wait for them at the registration booth until they finish the canyoneering adventure. So packed with me is a pen and paper ( kinda old school )as what my husband’s says yet I insist coz for me it’s my only way of expressing my feelings through writing something about the new people I’ve met and new place we’ve been. Though I have decided not to join them but still something whispers in my ears to pack things needed for canyoneering or sometimes called canyoning. A bit funny but I did, I even appeared more prepared than the others. Now, you tell me, was i really afraid or excited?

We started our journey going to Allegria at 3:15 am. Since it’s early then so we decided to drop by at 7eleven in front of South bus Terminal to buy some food and also pick up a friend who will also join us in our canyoneering adventure. Nobody sleeps while we are on our way to Allegria. Everyone is excited except for me whom had a second thought of joining or not. We arrived in Alegria at around 5:45 am, and there, our tour guide is waiting for us at Alegria. We actually contacted a tour guide, of course, before we decided to take canyoning adventure. Who would have thought that the guy we spoke over the phone is that very young probably at the age of 18 yet seemed very strong because of his thin but masculine figure. So it’s time for the “meet and greet”. And we also decided to grab some light breakfast before we proceed to the area where we can safely park our ride.

The Canyoneering area is a 15 minute drive away from the town proper. When we arrive there we were actually met by our tour guide’s parents. They seemed to be delighted to see us. They helped us with our gears and had some short briefings and share some techniques before we go to the registration booth. By the way, for those of you who doesn’t have canyoneering gears, well, you don’t have to worry because our tour guide provides complete canyoneering gears from shoes, vest, helmet and water proof bag at a very affordable price. Mind you, I indeed join them( hahaha). I changed my mind when I arrived there because of some comforting words from our tour guides. When we are on our way to the canyoneering site we met some locals we had some talks and they are very friendly.

At the site, the view is very fascinating and relaxing. You can hear fresh river flows, humming birds and tall trees that is welcoming you. Also you will be enchanted to see the canyons after canyons surrounding you all over, very nice and untouched rock formations. I never expected to see a place like this nowadays.

It’s adventure time! Who would have say no to jumping when you can see downstream is a very clear water that seems calling  you to jump and experience the swim and jumps. Indeed an adrenaline pumping experience and believe it or not I would say I have conquered my fears on deep waters as I don’t really know how to swim and more so with my fears of height. With your trembling knees and pumping heart you have to swim, jump, slide and even crawl for quite a lot of times to complete the adventure. As per our guide, the canyoneering adventure would not be as fulfilling if we won’t jump on the 50-foot cliff. He specifically told me that it would be a great way for me to overcome my fear of cliffs. I agree, he has a point but guess what, i said NO. My husband, Mark and Dawn without hesitation climb the cliff and jump there.


Is it over…? Well, we thought so too… but its not… After all the jumps, slides, swim, climb and crawls, there is one more test … i would say. Believe it or not, this one was the most difficult part, well, at least for us –we have to walk 398 steps on a very steep hill. But if you will proceed to Kawasan Falls instead of heading back to your starting point, you wont be walking on that hill. Most guests will end their canyoneering adventures with a swim and bamboo rafting at kawasan falls. We chose not to go there anymore as we were there already a week ago before we had the canyoneering.


Thank you Lord, though it’s a tough experience but you never fail to guide and protect us. I must say we SURVIVE Canyoneering!


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Please check our video below for the full coverage of our adventure.



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