Cebu Tour Tips: How to spend your day in Cebu City- A Guide for a tour within Cebu City


Cebu is the Queen City of the South and it is called “The Queen” for a number of reasons. The city is regal as it boasts of its marvelous white sand beaches, scenic tourist attractions and fun and lively day and night activities.


Cebu is a beautiful city rich in history and culture. Tourists can find a hundred and  thousand ways to enjoy and experience Cebu.   And for starters, a trip to the museums and other historical sites is a great way to get to know the city.

Cebu and Mactan’s Most Visited Places by Tourists (Twin City Tour)

  • Museo Sugbo – Once called “Carcel de Cebu”  or the provincial jail of Cebu that was converted as a museum in 2004.  Museo Sugbo houses four separate structures that features a wide variety of Cebuana heritage including documents, silverware and artifacts.
Cebu City Tour - Museo Sugbo

Cebu City Tour – Museo Sugbo

  • Fort San Pedro – This famous landmark is the smallest and oldest fort in the Philippines. The fort was named in honor of “San Pedro”, the Ship of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
  • Heritage of Cebu Monument – This heritage site tells the story of Cebu from the time of Rajah Humabon to the Beatification of Pedro Calunsod, a Cebuano martyr.    
Cebu City Tour - Cebu Heritage Park

Cebu City Tour – Cebu Heritage Park

  • Yap-Sandiego Ancestral Home – Probably the oldest Chinese house outside China, this ancestral home was constructed from coral stones and wood. It was built before 17th century.
Cebu City Tour - San Diego Yap Ancestral House

Cebu City Tour – San Diego Yap Ancestral House

Cebu City Tour - San Diego Yap Ancestral House

Cebu City Tour – San Diego Yap Ancestral House

  • Casa Gorordo Museum – In this museum, relics depict the life of  the Filipinos from 1980’s  to 1920’s. This old structure was the home of Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu. Old paintings and furniture are displayed in the museum.


  • Mactan Shrine – Lapu-lapu, the first Filipino hero, fought Magellan in the 1521 Battle of Mactan.  In 1866, a marker was placed on the spot where the explorer Magellan died. And to honor Lapu-Lapu, a 20-metre monument was erected.
Cebu CIty Tour - Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Cebu CIty Tour – Lapu-Lapu Shrine

  • Guitar Factories – Tour famous guitar-making companies in Cebu and see firsthand how these world-class guitars are made. Guitars from Cebu are one of the world’s best guitars.


When you’re in Cebu, don’t miss the famous churches, temples  and religious sites in the city:


  • Basilica del Sto. Nino – The Basilica Menore del Santo Niño was founded in 1565. The church was erected on the same spot where the image of the miraculous Santo Niño de Cebu was found. The church is called as the “Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines”. Inside the Basilica is a museum  relating to the birth and history of Christianity in Cebu.


  • Cebu Cathedral Church – Also called “The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and of St. Vitales” was established in 1595.


  • Taoist Temple – This temple was built in by Cebu’s affluent Chinese community. It is a center for Taoism worship. The temple has an elevation of 300-meters above sea level, with a panoramic view of Cebu City and even Mactan and Bohol islands.
Cebu City Tour - Taoist Temple

Cebu City Tour – Taoist Temple

  • Temple of Leah – The temple is a symbol of a husband’s love to his wife – just like the Taj Mahal. The temple was built in honor of his wife who passed away in 2013 after 53 years of marriage.
Cebu City Tour - Temple of Leah

Cebu City Tour – Temple of Leah

  • Magellan’s Cross – Explorer Ferdinand Magellan planted a cross when he arrived in Cebu in 1521. To protect the original cross which Magellan planted, it was encased inside a wooden cross found in the center of the Chapel.
Cebu City Tour - Magellan's Cross

Cebu City Tour – Magellan’s Cross

After a long day tour in Cebu, enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Co Jordan, a resto that specializes in bangus and talaba (oyster) dishes. What makes dining here exciting? You can fish on their pond  and they will prepare and cook it for you.

Cebu City Tour- Fishing at Co - Jordan

Cebu City Tour- Fishing at Co – Jordan

So, if you want a day tour that is educational and enriching at the same time, a day tour in Cebu City is what you need.

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