Fake or Real: Diver attacked by Whale Shark somewhere in Indonesia


It has been awhile now since a video regarding a claim of whale shark attack has been posted in youtube.com and as i stumble upon it, it got me curious and a bit worried too. The video below, from the title itself, it claimed that this diver has been attacked by the whale shark, though there was no mention as to where this whale shark attack happened, or what happened to the diver after the attack, but still, got my heart pumping a little faster than usual. As you know or might expect, we have been sending lots of guests/tourists to do whale shark watching in Oslob, Cebu.



As you know, whale sharks are known to be the biggest creatures on the seas. Imagine if the story (or the title of the video) were true, anyone can be swallowed whole by any whale sharks. But hey, don’t worry, even the whale sharks are the biggest, it is also known to be the most gentle giants in the ocean. Whale sharks are not meat eaters as well and they just eat planktons.


“Plankton are aquatic drifting organisms which means they are incapable of swimming against the current and instead, “go with the flow.” The term, plankton, doesn’t define the organism but how the organism lives. Plankton may be plant-like organisms, called phytoplankton or animal-like organisms, called zooplankton.”


As the same video caught the attention of Bill in Billschannel, he then contacted some experts and friends knowledgeable about whale sharks to analize the video to see if it is true or fake. And there you go, the final result of the investigation, “it is FAKE! It is not an attack, the video is not being altered/edited but wrongly interpreted”. To see the full details of the investigation, please check out the video below:




Well guys, for those who are unsure and still afraid to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu, the videos above is just an addition to lots of videos out there telling us that whales sharks are harmless.


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