Cebu Island Tours: Shared/Group Tours for joiners - Booking and Reservation

  • Choose which tour package you wish to join and the date of the tour
  • Submit your personal information using our shared tour reservation form
  • Confirm your reservation by depositing Php 500.00 per head at least 1 week before the schedule of the tour.
  • Send us the proof of deposit via email
  • Once proof of deposit is sent via email, our associate will call/text/email you to confirm reciept of your payment and change the status of your booking online.
  • You can view the list of joiners below the reservation form of your chosen tour and date.

Get a chance to meet and socialize with other travelers while doing adventures in Cebu; Choose which tour package and the date of the tour you wish to join!!! Hurry, each tour has a limited slots only!

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