November 2015 – A Weekend Getaway to Moalboal, Badian and Malabuyoc Hot Springs, Oslob Whale Watching [part 1]


Destination/Activity: Snorkeling at Pescador Island, Sea turtle Watching/Snorkeling, snorkeling with millions of fish sardines, swimming at kawasan falls, mainit hot springs.


Part 1: Moalboal, Pescador Island Hopping and snorkeling, Sea turtle watching and Snorkeling and Snorkeling with sardines fish.


The team has been planning for this trip for over a month and due to considerations of different schedules and priorities of the team members, it has been re-scheduled several times but it finally happened.


I was told it would take approximately 3 and a half hours to drive to Moalboal taking into consideration the traffic within the city, Minglanilla and Carcar area. This was my first time to personally drive to Moalboal since we we’re just commuting before. To avoid heavy traffic and to make sure we arrive on time as we arranged to meet our partners in Moalboal at 6am, we left as early as 3:10am. Though it was a 10-minute late than scheduled as we agreed to depart from Cebu City at exactly 3:00AM. Well, you know pinoy time…


We are obviously right, no traffic! Our drive was smooth and no stop over. We arrive in Moalboal around 5:15AM, just 2 hours and 5 minutes of driving. We stopped at ThreeSixty Pharmacy to wait for our partners who are scheduled to pick us up at 6:00am. Since they’re not yet there and we still have time, we grabbed some “pa-init” at the market behind the Pharmacy. Each of us grabbed a cup of “sikwate” (a drink made of coco-a).



At exactly 6:00am, our partners called us as they are already waiting for us in front of ThreeSixty Pharmacy. Our contact for the boat ride was late, instead of 6:30AM, they arrive at 7:40am (yeah i know… pinoy time again). While waiting for the boat ride, we roam around the coastline and took some pictures of sea orchins.



The first destination and activity was snorkeling in pescador island. The experience there was almost similar when we did island hopping in Mactan islands though the seas in pescador island was a bit shallower than in Mactan, specially in nalusuan (at least in few areas of Pescador Island). It took us around 18 minutes to get to pescador island from the coast line.



Well, we are not sure of the names of the varieties of the fishes we saw under water but we used to call them molmol, puskan, labayan, kapal and lambos-lambos, nemo, palata and other unknown variety (at least to me only) in our province. This place was really amazing! As you can see above, there are really great number of fishes you’ll see and the corals as well are really beautiful. I was told that it would be better to feed the fishes so they would come out from the corals. You can feed them with bread, rice or corn. Unfortunately, we did not bring any foods so we were not able to feed them! (too bad).



After approximately 30 minutes of snorkeling in pescador island, we left the island and went for another swim to try to find sea turtles. We were a bit lucky coz even when we are still around few hundred meters away from the usual destination, we saw three (3) sea turtles. Unfortunately, we were not able to take a picture as we are not expecting to see one or not one but 3 turtles together and no one told us that is possible. We are all thinking that it will be the same as the whale watching in Oslob where whale sharks just stay in one area.



When we reached the area, right after the boat’s engine stopped, my cousin immediately jumped and was the first one to jump and go for a swim to try to find the sea turtles. Even though you can see that we were just few meters away from the coast and even it was low tide, the water there was too deep that you can’t even see the seabed.



After few minutes of snorkeling around the boat, we finally see some turtles. As per the boat operator, it was a good idea to go for sea turtle watching early morning as they would come out to look for food. Aside from the sea turtles, we also saw a lot of fishes called “sulid” and “ulokihok” (that’s what they call those fishes in our province).



We moved to a new location just approximately 200 meters from the sea turtle watching area to do snorkeling with sardines fishes. We did not expect to see millions of sardines fish. You can’t even see the seabed when they are directly below you. Though the water was not as clear as it used to due to waves and currents, but when you swim down to at least 15 feet below, you can clearly see the sardines.


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Kawasan Falls


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