November 2015 – A Weekend Getaway to Moalboal, Badian and Malabuyoc Hot Springs, Whale Watching [part 2]


Destination/Activity: Snorkeling at Pescador Island, Sea turtle Watching/Snorkeling, snorkeling with millions of fish sardines, swimming at kawasan falls, mainit hot springs.


Part 2: Kawasan Falls

After our snorkeling with sardines fish then changed our wet clothes, the team is now off to Kawasan Falls. We stopped by at the market place to grab our early lunch as the food there in Kawasan Falls area is a bit expensive than that of the market. After eating, we rested for a few minutes then started driving to Badian.

It took us around 20 minutes to get to the area where we can park our car.

From the parking area, there are lots of local people offering habal2x rides to the falls. This was the same when we were in tumalog falls where locals offer rides and our answer is also the same –NO. We prefer to walk to the falls rather than take a motorcycle. Well, the first reason was to enjoy the view of the area going to kawasan falls and second reason is to feel the adventure of canyoneering –Ooops it was not really a real canyoneering though but still probably just a part of canyoneering as we have to walk for approximately 25 minutes before we arrive at the falls.

Here it is, the Kawasan Falls! The height of the water fall here in Kawasan is not as high as the one in Tumalog Falls or not even half of it. But in terms of its beauty, popularity and probably even the coldness of the water and the current of the water, Kawasan Falls is still the best. On top of all that, Kawasan Falls is also the last destination for the canyoneering.


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