Weekend Getaway with Friends and Family (Whale Watching, Tumalog Falls and Sumilon Island Adventure)


With the nature of our jobs in a call center, having too many sleepless nights or days (since I’m on a night shift, I am supposed to sleep during the day), we planned a trip to the south side of Cebu Province to relax and unwind and to enjoy the beauty of nature around Oslob, Cebu area.

So, Saturday morning after my shift, I went home and saw that our bags were already packed and we’re good to go (thanks to my wife). We left Cebu City around 9am. Unfortunately some of our friends have to take a bus since we won’t fit in a van.

Our first stop was a church visit at the Simala Church in Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu. We stayed there just for a couple of minutes or probably an hour tops… we were lucky as there is not much people lining up to see the miraculous image of Virgin Mary.

Our second stop was at Mini Stop (not sure, I forgot the exact name of the store) in a barrio in Argao to grab a lunch. This place is very popular to those who have been traveling to the south by bus as most Ceres buses stop here too to grab lunch (of ourse not the bus but the driver and some passengers grabbed lunch)

We arrived at Light House Resort in Lo-oc, Oslob at around 01:15pm. We went straight to our rooms, put our bags and I took a nap then checked the pool while waiting for our friends who were taking the bus to arrive at the resort.

Around 2:30pm, we left for Tumalog Falls and arrived at the site after approximately 10 minutes of driving from the resort. At the site there were lots of tourists and of course locals. Some habal2x drivers approached us offering rides going down to the falls but we all chose to just walk –exercise. The drop off was approximately 600 – 800 meters to the falls.

Unfortunately we did not listen to the locals that the road was too steep for the oldies. Good thing it was a new and well cemented road. (Four-wheeled vehicles or up are not allowed to go down to the site).

After around 10 minutes of walking, we’re finally few meters away from the site. Even at around 15 meters from the main basin of the water falls, you can see the fogs (sort of) and feel the mist of the falls.

As far as I remember, there were at least 22 umbrella-like (half of the umbrella I guess –not sure how to describe it) structures on the wall where the water falls on top of the next structure making the waters appear like curtains.

Of course it will never be a complete adventure if we’ll not hop in to the falls to feel the waters dropping on your body.
After an hour or so we left the site and head back to light house resort.

Finally, dinner time…

Around 11pm, while the others are sleeping, we went for a swim at the pool and of course eat again.

I woke up around 5am and went for another swim… This time it’s not in the pool but in the clear blue waters of the sea in front of the light house resort. Fortunately, i was able to see the beautiful sunrise and able to grab a picture of it.

After breakfast, we left for tan-awan, Oslob to experience swimming with the whale sharks (butanding). Prior to the actual swim, we were required to attend the briefing about the do’s and dont’s while swimming with the whales for about 15 minutes.

Behold the mighty butanding!


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